About Us

In 2002, a small online store was built to meet the needs of SBGF members for backgammon and other related gadgets to backgammon, gammon.se was born.

Eventually, the online store and other traditional board games like chess, go and mahjong grew in the assortment. The orders were many and when the need for warehousing and logistics arose, the company was formed into Gammon Games Ltd and a physical store on Pipersgatan 26 B in central Stockholm was started.

In 2008, the company assures 4 concepts; "Fast Delivery", "Secure Payment" "Perfect Customer Service" and "Quality Controlled Product" which become the company's Bible and Brand.

By 2015, Gammon Games Ltd will be the first company in the world to build a wholesale online store where regular consumers can trade quality-controlled products at wholesale prices, gamewholesaler.com will be added.

Today, Gammon Games Ltd owns over 10 online stores and is one of the largest in Europe in the field of board games focusing on backgammon and chess. However, the company's customers extend far beyond Europe's borders, all the way to South and North America in the West, as well as Asia and Australia in the East. In 2017, two new modern stores will come under the top domains classical.games and gammon.games.

Gammon Games Ltd (07100349)

Stron House 100 Pall Mall

London SW1Y 5EA


Gammon Games Ltd UK Filial (5164056029)

Pipersgatan 26 B

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